Reasons to Buy Turnkey Rentals

Reasons to Buy TurnKey Rentals by Discount Property Investor

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Reasons to Buy Turnkey Rentals Infographic

  1. PATH TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM - Investing in Turn-Key rental real estate is the best way to assure your personal financial freedom.. More self made millionaires have achieved financial freedom with real estate than any other investment vehicle. 
  2. REDUCE TAX LIABILITY - Not only are you able to deduct mortgage interest expenses, you are able to depreciate a homes value, write off property expenses, and potentially defer taxes forever with 1031 exchanges.  Make sure to work with a qualified CPA for advice and planning.
  3. AFFORD VACATIONS AND LUXURIES - Investing in Real Estate affords you the ability to take vacations you want and luxuries you deserve.  Purchase assets then use the income from your assets  to buy luxuries you deserve
  4. IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY - Freedom from obsession and worry about your finances is a real benefit from taking control of your financial life.  Less stress can help you sleep better at night. 
  5. THE RIGHT WAY TO INVEST - The best way to invest is through real estate. More self made millionaires have used real estate to achieve wealth and freedom than any other asset class. 
  6. SOMEONE ELSE PAYS FOR IT - By investing in TurnKey Rentals you let someone else pay for all of your assets.  A tenant will pay you rent to cover your mortgage and expense. 
  7. INFLATION DESTROYS MORTGAGES - As time passes and inflation occurs those that borrow money end up owing less in inflation adjusted dollars to those they borrowed from.  As Jason Hartman calls it "Inflation Induced Debt Destruction", is a very real thing.
  8. TIME TO TRAVEL AND LIVE LIFE - Through a portfolio of real estate you will be able to produce a steady income stream that allows you to travel and live the life you have always wanted. 

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