Winter is Coming! Property Maintenance Infographic

Winter is coming and Property Maintenance is important to remember not only at home but for your rental property as well. Keep your investments maintained for longer returns. Below is a Property Maintenance Infographic since WINTER IS COMING! Subscribe! or check out our YouTube Channel   Winter is Coming! Property Maintenance Tips Property maintenance tips to…

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Hiring the Right Property Manager

The property manager is your communication HUB. Not just between you, the owner, and the tenant, but also between you and your contractors, banks, agents, and utility companies.  Selecting the right property manager for your business is possibly even more important than selecting the right tenants and properties. So, what makes a good property manager?…

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Prevent A/C theft on your Rental Property

As an owner of rental property in lower income areas you may want to be on the proactive side to keep your rental portfolio performing well. Outside of vacancies, nothing hurts the income statement like unexpected maintenance and repairs. One of my least favorite expenses is springing for a new AC unit that walks away.  We…

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